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MedTENS Massager Snap on Shoe

MedTENS Massager Snap on Shoe

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MedTENS Massager Shoes - For Portable TENS Units - FDA Cleared!

Massager Belt can be used with all MedTENS Massager machines and other TENS units with clip on outputs. It relieves pain on the feet and leg and sore muscles on leg while you are working or enjoying TV. Provides electrical pulse a larger surface under your feet so that you can use it on while sitting on your desk, watching TV.

Compatible with iRest Massagers, Unimed, TechCare and all tens units with clips. (NEW VERSIONS)

MedTENS Massager Shoes are the highest quality over-the-counter TENS units on the market, that

  • High quality adjustable massager shoes will fit most feet.
  • You just sit and relax while MedTENS Massager shoes massage your feet.
  • Compatible with the best TENS Unit on the market such as MedTENS ,TechCare Massager, iRest Massagers, Unimed Massagers and other popular TENS units.
  • 2 built-in silicon electrodes that eliminate the need to buy replacement electrode pads
  • This product comes with 5 years Limited warranty. You need MedTENS massage unit to operate it fullest.
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